The Wine Thingy from Planet Merlot…

What fun it is to create an unusual piece of cabinetry or furniture with a patron who is full of imagination. Such is the Gothic Wine Cabinet we were commissioned to create.

Little did we know that when a catalog showed up in our mail it would lead to the intricate and delicate designs from the Gothic era.  Our client used his expertise to pick out the many elements (architectural panels, trim, corner blocks, quatrefoil onlays & trim, corbels, he even found the "green man").

The wine fridge is in the center, wine racks grace both ends and paneled doors with touch latches cover the cupboards in between. The end panels were custom finished in a pewter color by the manufacturer.

Gothic wine hutch detail
Gothic wine hutch detail

Mostly built from Cherry plys and solids, some of the trim and the door panels and end panels are actually a flexible wood/resin mix that is fully stainable.  This allows greater detail and flexibility than a hardwood, not to mention a lesser cost.


Solid wood Doric columns and corbels decorate the front along with the Cherry wood onlays and the "green man" while the Gothic arched light rail molding hides a small string of LED light rope.


Maple crown, with an inset and added molding below, make up the cabinet hood. Antique glass is framed into the doors that have Pewter handles and hinges.