Shut the Barn Door

Aspen Barn Door
Aspen Barn Door

The popularity of putting Barn Doors in the home is trending these days. Many commercial home stores offer Barn Doors and hardware kits for the Do-It-Yourselfer. In reality it is not too hard to do it yourself. But if the door openings are larger or the studs are metal, you may not be able to achieve the results you want.

Aspen Barn Door detail
Aspen Barn Door detail

Recently we built two Barn Doors for our customers who wanted to close off the TV room for sound purposes and coziness.

Their existing opening were arched as was the cutout from the entry hall, so they commissioned us to build the 8 foot doors to cover the opening. One door was 4 foot wide and the other 42" wide.

They also glassed in the cutout from the entry hallway for sound proofing.

The house was built with metal studs, so we made and installed header boards and then attached the pre-drilled tracks to those, insuring the doors would be secure.

Alder wood to match          View from the kitchen.      Cast iron handles from        the existing Cargo furniture.                                      Iron Works Hardware.

We used Industrial By Design Quiet Kit sliding hardware. 

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