Very Cherry Bath…

Cherry bathroom cabinets

Bathrooms can be the hardest room to find good fitting cabinets. For some reason, vanities seem to be limited to certain sizes and not all bathrooms are created equal. Custom vanities will cost more, there is no question, but the results will offset the extra cost.


Here is an unusually configured vanity built for a bathroom with a "C" shaped wall and non-standard dimensions.  The client chose a nautical theme coupled with Dr. Suess because it will be for their children.

Here is a slide show of the vanity as the room was too small for an over all shot.

cherry bathroom cabinet

We choose Cherry for its busier grain patterns and also because of the darker, richer color desired.


Rope moldings were used on the bases at the division points and also incorporated in the crown molding around the tower tops.


Framed mirrors were attached to the walls above each sink and between the towers.

cherry bathroom tower


The two towers were placed on the edge of the center unit with the crown disappearing into the angled walls.  Seeded glass was used for an old-timey look and smaller drawers built into the base of each tower.


The center drawer on the center base was designed as a pull-out for ease access storage and contains adjustable shelving.