The Wall…

Old world Oak wall unit with fireplace
Old world Oak wall unit with fireplace

"The Wall", as it became known, was more like project of the "months" as there were several issues to work through to make it just right.


The fireplace view box had a specific height recommended by the manufacturer and our customer wanted it to be set apart yet flow with the rest of the unit. We found a source for the slate veneer that covers the fireplace front. Yes, it is very thin slate mounted to a fiberglass backing and comes in many natural patterns.


She had purchased the stained glass art to inset into two of the existing windows and also wanted to incorporate the same patterned glass and rope molding as the kitchen at the opposite end of the room. 

Testimonial below

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Kim Nielsen at his shop

“The Wall” or rather “our wall” is amazing!  The quality of workmanship is beyond our expectations.  That may seem like an odd comment, as one would expect good quality work from a “custom builder.” But the fine level of detail and finish Kim and Sally provided, were exceptional.  It was a pretty long process due to the size of the project and our being out of town for most of it, but it was actually fun working with these two characters and professionals.  It all started with an idea in our heads, to a really rough sketch of ours, and then the back and forth started with ideas and drawings…the final result was even better than we had imagined. 


During our initial discussions with Kim and Sally, they mentioned that they were currently working on projects for a particular family, and didn’t quite know when they would finish, because that family kept finding more projects for them to do.  We thought that a little strange and humorous at the time, BUT guess what?  We’ve done the same thing!  We loved their work so much we had them design and build two side tables to go along with the wall.  Their design was really unique, functional, fun and perfectly matched our wall.  In addition, we are still working four other projects in our home with Kim and Sally!   

To Kim & Sally:  Thank you. 


To anyone considering using Nielsen’s Custom Woodworking:  Yes do it, you won’t find anyone better.  


Debbie V.